“Why are You Single”? The Answer to this Question and as Well as Other Dumb ass Theories as to Why I’m Single That Comes in my Inbox as Well as to My Face

as Every other day some misogynistic ingrate or some dude who’s in a relationship takes it upon themselves to either ask me why I am single or try to put in theories as to why I am single. “You are too hard on these guys” “Every man isn’t perfect” “Perfect relationships don’t exist” or my all time favorite “You are too strong for these guys, you need to soften up a bit” or they say shit like “Maybe if you weren’t too outspoken”. First of all if a woman being too outspoken scares men away, they aren’t men to begin with. They only reason why they are scared off because the chances of them getting pussy has gone down to 0%. The only reason why men pop up in women’s inbox on social media is to get pussy 90% of the fucking time. Dudes come in my inbox and the first thing they mention is my fucking lips. That shit irritates me to no fucking end. Like a man who has never commented on a status, liked a status, retweeted shit, will just pop up in my inbox and say “Damn your lips sexy” or “I wonder how those lips feel” and he has the audacity to act like he’s done wrong when I verbally emasculate his ass. I’m too strong and too outspoken because a ashy ass nigga popped up in my inbox, don’t even say “Good evening” and just rambles on about what he thinks my full lips feel like and I went clean off on him? Kiss my ass. Because the shit is just not on social media the shit happens when I am out in society.

Grown ass men don’t even have the social skills to step to a woman and simply say “Hello, my name is..” Grown ass men stepping to me with “Damn, what’s good.” Yet I still say “Hello..” and his dumb ass come with “Where your nigga at”. This is why a lot of women, regardless of race are walking around here single mothers without a man in sight because “They wanted to give him a chance” and “Not everybody perfect”. I am not asking for a perfect man, but damn can I have a decent fucking conversation at first glance?  It is really baffling when dudes have fucking daughters and yet they treat women like trash. Like has the thought ever occurred to them that the shit could turn around on their fucking daughters?

Oh and I don’t believe in struggle love. This whole “money isn’t everything, hold a nigga down when he don’t have a job, home, unemployable, have your first date at Bojangles, sleep on a park bench with him until he come up” bullshit memes are just a ploy for women to lower their fucking standards so these lazy ass bum ass niggas can get cheap to free pussy. I don’t believe in that bullshit because in the next fucking breath, dudes are talking shit about females who are either single mothers, struggling to find a job, sleeping on a friend’s couch because she’s going through hard times, on food stamps or wearing leggings because that is all she can afford at the time being until things get better. Why the fuck should I hold a nigga down when he’s going through all of this shit and date him and carry him when I did the shit by my fucking self without help. If you are struggling like that, he need to be focused on himself and not anyone else. Hell, that’s what I did. When I was finishing up my first degree, I lived in a homeless shelter for six months, made money under the table by tutoring other students, as well as looked diligently for a job and once I found that job, I moved into my own place. BY MYSELF.

Oh and for you “please pick me” bitches out here who always have something to say about women being “stuck up” and “bitter”, please by all means tell me why the fuck should any of us listen to whatever the fuck you have to say? When you’re arguing on every social media invented because your ain’t shit baby daddy pulls no call, no shows when coming to get your kids.

So don’t tell me that I am too hard, my standards are too high, or I am bitter because I want and demand the respect that I deserve. Do not fix your mouth to tell me that I am too strong for a man after all the shit I have been through without one by my side. I can do bad by myself, so why should I do bad with one?


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