YOU WILL NOT COME FOR MARY J.BLIGE!! : “Strength of a Woman” Review

For those of you who are in the internet world saying that Mary J. Blige’s album is trash or mediocre, have a stadium of seats. First things first, let me address the critics who are calling Mary “weak” because her album is full of hurt, pain and storytelling about her sham of a marriage that she thought was real. Let me address the critics who are calling Mary “weak” because everybody knew that Kendu was fucking her protege’ Starshelle but her. It was so obvious, that an employee of Mary’s record label stated “It was the big elephant in the room that made everyone uncomfortable, when the three of them were at events together”.  Yes, let me address the holier than thou critics, who are calling Mary weak for being used, emotionally abused, cheated on and made to look like a fool in the public eye by the very person who is supposed to love and protect her. Unless you have been in that situation, then you don’t know what the fuck you would do. People KILL me judging others and their situation, mouthing off about what they would do when they have never been in that predicament. I think Mary is pretty damn strong if you ask me, being that she’s not in a jail cell facing two first degree murder charges. Over half the people talking shit about her in the blogs or on social media are in their own fucked up relationship. Probably got a man sitting at home, not contributing to shit while they slave at their minimum wage jobs trying to make ends meet.

On “Strength of a Woman” Mary tells us her story through song. Everything she had gone through during her marriage and everything she is going through now is being revealed to her fans. Mary has always delivered albums that every woman can relate to and this album was no different. On the single “Set Me Free”, the lyrics “There is a special place in hell for you” caused a shiver to go down my spine as I not only reminisce on my heart being broke countless times to so called friends hurting me as well. You guys, Mary is going through hell right now and she still found the strength to deliver great music and gave us a heart felt thank you for allowing her to vent to us. Yes, she actually thanked us for listening to her vent. “Thick of it” which is a hit song, Mary empathizes and relates to married women who are fighting for their marriages and the thick just keeps getting thicker. But the one thing I admire most about this album, on the single “Indestructible”, Mary tells women to not beat themselves up for falling for foolishness when it comes to men and to not stop healing. Mary tells women to open up to love again and not to let one bad apple spoil the bunch. This is what strength of a woman is all about. It’s about finding the strength to get up, move on, face the public, face the embarrassment and still consider falling in love again. Listen to “Strength of a Woman” on Itunes and Amazon Music.



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