Is This the Career for Me?

Did I pick the correct major? Should I just put my degree on the shelf and work in another field? Why did I even go to the college? I’m still asking myself this damn question after I accepted my first position in my degree field. When I first got the job offer I was ecstatic, crying tears of joy and thought that I was the most luckiest, blessed woman in the world. I was finally able to leave a job that did not appreciate me, did not value my work ethic, and paid me peanuts.  I was going from making eleven thousand dollars per year to making over thirty-two thousand dollars per year. I was so excited because I was finally able to afford a vehicle and rent by myself, without a roommate (A small one, but hell it would be mine). I finally got my foot in the door to the career I have always wanted, finally! But I’ll be damned if I didn’t start having bad days a month into my “dream job”. Starting off into the mental health field with just a bachelor’s degree and without experience, you don’t get a cushy office, with a cute oak desk and a large window showing a view of the Elizabeth River. You don’t get a receptionist to take your calls, you don’t get business cards with your name on it, and you definitely don’t diagnose anybody. Nope. With a bachelor’s degree, you get in your vehicle, go to several clients’ homes, pick them up, take them to look for jobs, job interviews, help them look for housing, and strongly suggest that they take their medication and take your advice on implementing strategies for saving money which they don’t. So twice per week I find myself filling up my damn gas tank,every day  driving clients around to accomplish goals that they don’t give a fuck about. I care and try to help people who don’t give a fuck about themselves, I try to help them get out of the sunken place, crawl out of poverty and yet they don’t even give a fuck. I find myself giving a fuck more about them than they do themselves.

I am all about wellness, getting better, being mentally healthy. I don’t believe in enabling, making excuses or just wallowing in despair. I believe in accountability, responsibility and actually fucking trying. So why am I made out to the be the bad guy when I tell my clients that I know they have the potential to get better? Why am I made out to be the bad guy because my clients are getting better mentally, emotionally and financially? Oh I already know, however for the sake of not being blacklisted in the mental health field I won’t even put it in this blog. Let’s just say that state funded insurance is a billion dollar industry, and if you try to stop the security of the bag, then that’s a problem


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