Rape Accusations: The New Hustle?

The new slap in rape survivors’ faces is that “victims” are cashing in on their trauma. Instead of bringing their attackers to justice, they are bringing them into private conference rooms to negotiate settlements in exchange for keeping quiet. But what if they were threatened into taking the money and keeping quiet? Oh please. If that was the case, then how in the hell does the public always find out about it? “He raped me back in 2o12 and paid me to keep quiet but I am saying something now, a few years later because he told me he is no longer financing me” type spill. This isn’t a black thing, it isn’t a white thing, it’s a low class, poor excuse for a human being thing. The women who swallowed their fear and refused to be a victim but a survivor and brought their attacker to justice, pointed at them, made them accountable and even if they got off on some bullshit technicality, the fact that they stood up and defended themselves and protected every future victim is what really counts. These women that are suing these celebrities and hedge fund boys for cash are not traumatized. They are simply looking for a come up, willing to do whatever it takes to sell their soul to live above their means.

To put a price tag on your body is one thing but to invest in sexual trauma is a whole new low. Two women sued rapper, The Game for sexually assaulting them on his reality TV show “Dating The Game”, one of them winning a whopping 40 million dollars. Of course the award winning rapper, appealed the lawsuit, which is still pending and is still sticking by his innocence to this day. Another woman who would rather stay anonymous, stated that Derrick Rose raped her and she sued him for millions, he appealed, fought back and presented evidence that it was consensual sex. The NBA player went as far as to ask the judge for an order to drop her anonymity to expose her. Which I fully agree with. Why? Why be anonymous? Because she knows she falsely accused an actor, athlete, or rapper of rape. Using a traumatic, violent, disgusting, incomprehensible sexual act as a come up for fame. Book deals under false pretenses, attention whoring interviews and over dramatic appearances on talk shows. They are the reason why real rape survivors are not taken seriously. The reason why real rape survivors are shunned into silence.

When are we going to hold these women accountable? Women who stick together and have each other backs also hold each other accountable for their actions. None of the women who are falsely accusing these men up of sex crimes  are being held accountable. It is always the same excuse. “We weren’t there”, “Only God knows what happened”. But the answer and the proof are in plain sight right in front of everyone, we are just so engrossed in our own experiences of rape that we automatically take the “victims” side. But the ones who are being falsely accused are victims as well.


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